11 thoughts on “Orion on the Ocean Surface”

  1. Congratulations Everyone!!!

    Assuming the data are all satisfactory, what’s the next step in the program?

    JR Miller
    Palm Desert,CA

  2. I am so pleased to see how well this went. It is an exciting new day for the country and NASA. The engines were tested at Stennis Space Center and they should be so proud! With so much negative in the news this should herald in the holiday season with a smile!

  3. I recall watching the first unmanned test flights of projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo on TV as a kid with my dad. It brought back a lot of memories for me watching the flight of Orion today. Welcome back to space USA!

  4. Congratulations NASA !

    So glad to see space operations on their way again, like in the old good times.

    R. Sánchez

  5. One small step for man…
    One giant leap for rocket-kind.

    But seriously, we really need to have been doing this kind of thing sooner! I looked at the budget-breakdown the Obama first had put out, and I wish- I WISH – that we could choose to ‘add’ voluntarily to tax areas (like, willingly increase our percentage) – NASA was waaaay down at the bottom. If we actually think we can achieve the kind of fantastic future we dream of in science fiction, one that is not controlled by big businesses (as portrayed in some of Anne McAffrey’s writings) then we need to start investing in that future and NASA.

    Let’s not be pacified by imagining these incredible futures on the big screen, while forgetting that in order to actually -get them- in reality we have to be investing in it now!

  6. Great to see that we can still do a vertical launch of capsuled vehicle, but I am still wondering when we are going to get that reusable spacecraft that can make conventional take off and and landings and deliver payloads into appropriateorbits so we can assemble a real space station and and a real deep space exploration vehicle. Maybe Mr. Clarke should have entitle his book 2101: A Space Odyssey. That would at least give us a little more time to figure out the technology. Anyway……good job NASA!

  7. Congratulations NASA and all the people who made this happen.

    Exciting flight. Hope all the flight data is normal and gives information to the future missions.

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