13 thoughts on “Orion on the Ocean”

  1. I really appreciate your blog and celebrate what is one of the most exciting space successes in the past 30+ years. Congratulations to everyone involved and may this launch further success for the US space program!

  2. Brilliant that the whole flight seems to have been flawless. Hoping this inspires a new generation as Apollo did mine.

    Couple of questions tho:

    1 The Orion craft is intended to be reusable – what’s been necessary to avoid salt water damage?
    2. Does it need a flotation collar like the Apollo command modules did, or does the increased volume make this unnecessary?
    3. I’veread there will be no more flights before 2018 and nothing manned until 2020 at the earliest. Is this right, and why so long 🙁
    3. Will crew recovery be to helicopter like Apollo, or is something else planned?

    1. I can’t answer all your questions but here’s what I have know, The Rocket is still being developed at this time and won’t be ready till 2018. They plan to send it on a unmanned mission around the Moon and back. Then in 2020 Manned will begin.

  3. Congratulations NASA. I echo SimonM in hoping this success inpsires a new generation of future scientists and engineers to reach beyond their grasp.

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