Orion Performance Showcases Exploration Abilities

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NASA/Sandra Johnson and Kevin Campbell

NASA/Sandra Joseph and Kevin Campbell

Read our feature about today’s Orion Flight Test and what it means for the future of human space exploration. http://go.nasa.gov/1FUMIqL

8 thoughts on “Orion Performance Showcases Exploration Abilities

  1. Dawn

    To the highly intelligent men and women and thousands of hours of labor to prove and demonstrate we ARE the BEST in the UNIVERSE
    We Thank You

  2. Katie Wright

    I can’t wait to see the crews take off and the Mars landings! I was in on the first space missions and we watched them all… I just wish kids knew how important and exciting they still are.

  3. Mario Puertas Interior

    Space exploration is not only interesting, it is also important for the future of humanity. We do not know how will our planet in the future and how it will change and if we can we live in it, so it is very important this type of research. Courage and go ahead with space exploration.


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