5 thoughts on “Sarafin: Great Day for America, We Were All On Board Orion”

  1. Brilliant mission! Congratulations to the Orion team.

    The scrubbed launch helped to increase the excitement of today’s flight.

    Let us hope this increases the appetite for space research so that we can get to see many more safe launches and splashdowns by Orion.

  2. WOW! I watched the entire trip, liftoff to splashdown; what an incredible event. I never grow tired or become bored with our space program, and this is no exception. I felt the same way I did during the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo flights and the shuttle flights – utterly exhilarated.

    Great job NASA, keep it up.

  3. Today was indeed a “Great Day for America” as Flight Director Mike Sarafin said. Orion Flight Test -1 infused and exhilarated the hearts of millions of Americans, Scientists, Academics, Students, Men and Women, including Children, as well as Spaceflight enthusiasts at home and around the globe. The Orion Flight Test has established a new era and enthusiasm in space exploration, and the outlook from today’s superb Launch and Splashdown is quite optimistic. Thank you! to the hardwork and dedication of individuals and Teams at NASA which made this day possible. From 3600 miles above the earth, the altitude reached by the Spacecraft, I would say everything is clear from here.

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