Second Stage Engine Cutoff – Orion’s In Orbit

The second stage engine completed its first burn and Orion is in orbit now, on a path that is about 560 miles by 120 miles above Earth. There will be another burn by the Delta IV second stage to lift its orbit and then push it out 3,600 miles from Earth. For now, though, Orion begins a coast phase of about 97 minutes. The second stage will reignite at the 1 hour, 55 minute, 26 second point of the mission. The coast phase will allow flight controllers to continue evaluating telemetry coming down from the spacecraft and make sure Orion is healthy thus far in its mission.

4 thoughts on “Second Stage Engine Cutoff – Orion’s In Orbit”

  1. YA BABY! “Dawn of Orion” Great job ULA and Delta IV team. Orion working perfect. The World just woke up to the dawn of the MARS generation. I’m 56 and from the Moon generation but we pass on all the good luck from Apollo and Shuttle to the next generation of Explorers. Go get it! Believe in it and achieve it!

  2. So excited and proud about the Orion space program. Wishes for a successful mission! Thanks, NASA employees, for all of your hard work and the wonderful coverage!

  3. At 61 years old I remember as a child watching the space program from the start. The joy and excitement I felt this morning was reminiscent of being a child again. Congratulations and and continue this great work.

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