President Congratulates Orion Chief Engineer and Team

President Obama, speaking to the Senior Executive Service, recognized Julie Kramer White, Orion’s chief engineer, for the successful Orion flight test. He also noted the spacecraft’s mission, saying that “when a human is the first to set foot (on Mars), they will have Julie and her team to thank and at that point, I’ll be out of the presidency and I might hitch a ride.”

Here’s Julie’s bio:

4 thoughts on “President Congratulates Orion Chief Engineer and Team”

  1. I’m not an engineer, just a fan of the program since the 60s but, that Crew Module looks outstanding! The tiles look great and the Avcoat looks like it came through great. I cant wait to read about the results from the data. I’m a vary proud American. You all have done a great job! I’m glad that the Orion part of Constellation was saved. On The Moon during Apollo 16, Houston told the crew that the Shuttle had been approved. John Young said “America Needs that Shuttle mighty bad you’ll see”. Well, I say We need that Orion mighty bad too. Keep up the great work!

  2. It was an outstanding accomplishment that peaked in perfection and when you have such an accomplishment you don’t let the team that accomplished it spend years getting rusty. There isn’t any reason why the President can’t creat some positive press (maybe a real legacy) and have NASA use the same rocket and send Orion on a trip around the moon as soon as possible. Thus Showing the world we are serious and our Russian partners that we appreciate the rides to the iss this year but we will be able to take them to the moon, Mars and beyond next. I can’t wait twenty years to see what we were originally supposed to accomplished after the moon landing. My generation got cheated so let’s not cheat the new generation lets do it now!!! There will always be another war so let’s dream for a while and go back to familiar places and put our feet on new ones.

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