Flown Orion Arrives in Colorado for Additional Analysis and Testing

Engineers Examine Orion
Engineers Examine Orion
Engineers at Lockheed Martin’s facility near Denver examine Orion upon its arrival. Credit: Lockheed Martin

NASA’s Orion spacecraft that flew into space in 2014 has completed its trek from the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the Littleton, Colorado, facility of Orion prime contractor Lockheed Martin. Engineers will perform final decontamination of the crew module, continue post-flight analysis and evaluate a new acoustic technology to determine if the method can produce enough energy to simulate the acoustic loads Orion will experience during launch and ascent atop NASA’s Space Launch System rocket. Check out images of Orion and read more about the acoustic testing here.

3 thoughts on “Flown Orion Arrives in Colorado for Additional Analysis and Testing”

  1. Missed the cut off for this one, but hope to make the next one. Being 65, it will be great to get to Mars before I get to 85 (assuming I make that)

  2. Can’t believe that it’s been over 4 years since the USA has been capable of putting humans into space. I watched Neil Armstrong step onto the surface of the moon, and I saw STS135 land signaling the end of the Shuttle program. The Orion can’t come too soon!

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