Steve Agid – The Telemetry Voice for 50 Missions

Orion-agidAnyone who has watched coverage of the launch of a robotic or observatory has heard the voice of Steve Agid of the United Launch Alliance. He is the authoritative voice of telemetry who calls speed, distance, altitude and operational conditions as the rocket reports them to the ground. Combined with the expert launch and mission commentary on NASA TV, Agid’s precise data and context help paint a complete launch picture for our audience. We mention all this today because the Orion Flight Test marks the 50th time Agid will be on the mic for a launch.

Bolden Voices Promise and Excitement of Orion

BoldenandBrandi2“It’s a big day for me, and exciting day for space and, driving up the causeway, looking at all the cars, I think this is a big day for everyone,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden as he followed the progress of today’s countdown for the Orion Flight Test.

The new spacecraft is the first designed to take humans beyond low Earth orbit since the Apollo program that sent astronauts to the moon. After completing the test mission, Orion will have one more test flight ahead of it in 2018 before it begins to carry astronauts on missions to deep space.