Orion on the Ocean

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The recovery teams are within about 120 yards of the Orion crew module as it floats in the Pacific Ocean. Floating Floating2

Orion in Stable 1 – Upright

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The Orion capsule landed upright on its base in a position called Stable 1 and remains in Stable 1 as it floats on the Pacific’s surface. The spacecraft’s systems performed perfectly throughout the mission including two passes through the Van Allen radiation belts and the heat of re-entry.

Forward Bay Cover Jettisoned; Drogues Deployed

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Orion made it through re-entry! The protective cover over the parachutes at the top of the spacecraft has jettisoned so now the parachutes can begin their deployment to slow Orion for splashdown. The cover will be lowered to ocean on small parachutes of its own and retrieved. Drogues deployed.

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