ET-134 Loaded on Pegasus Barge — Aarg!!!!! Weather Delay!

ET-134 completed a flawless early morning move across Michoud Assembly Facility to the dock and the awaiting Pegasus Barge.  Loading went perfectly as ET-134 rolled to a snug fit in the cargo deck area of Pegasus. The crew has completed final inspections, walk downs and the cargo doors are closed and sealed. Pegasus is in great shape and ready to sail.

Unfortunately, a cold front is forecast to pass through the east Louisiana area and be followed by high winds over the next several days. Weather teams are forecasting high winds during the time period when Pegasus would transit the Intracoastal Waterway and Mississippi Sound. We are definitely delayed sailing today, Thursday, Oct. 15. The Maritime Operations teams will be evaluating the forecast on a daily basis for an opportunity to proceed to Gulfport, Miss. 

Aarg!  Pegasus is chomping at the bit.  Stay tuned.

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  1. It would be neat to include a Google Earth map with the routes taken by the barge and the tow ship highlighted.

    Great info, keep it up.

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