Liberty Star Sailing in 'Breezy' Gulf of Mexico

Captain’s Corner: Oct. 19, 7:15 p.m., Eastern
Liberty Star Sailing in ‘Breezy’ Gulf

The mission to tow Pegasus and ET-134 from Gulfport, Miss. to Kennedy Space Center, Fla., is proceeding very well. Due to increased winds and duration of swells, Liberty Star chose to lengthen the tow line today to 1,800 feet. This reduces shock and wear on both vessels.

We are under way at eight knots (a little over nine miles per hour) in seas swelling from 4-6 feet and northeasterly winds from 20-27 knots. This evening we are passing the halfway point between Gulfport, Miss., and the Dry Tortugas near Florida. At this point the crew celebrates being able to receive television stations from central Florida — so we can get some much-needed hometown news.

Weather reports for tomorrow pretty much show we will encounter similar weather as today.

Mike Nicholas
Captain, Liberty Star

2 thoughts on “Liberty Star Sailing in 'Breezy' Gulf of Mexico”

  1. Wish there was a map showing the entire route & photos from the open ocean. Must be something at night being alone in the middle of nowhere with a huge piece of space hardware.

  2. Steve/Mike,

    Great to share with us the unknown sides of space travel. 4 to 6 feet sounds kind of sporty. Maybe a reality show is next on your horizons :/

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