ET-134 Arrives at Kennedy Space Center

This video montage shows space shuttle external tank ET-134’s arrival at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


Watch this video (Windows, streaming)

At approximately 8:00 a.m. EDT on Oct. 24, NASA ship Liberty Star transferred Pegasus and ET-134 to tug boats Lou Anne Guidry and WP Scott in Port Canaveral. After a four-hour trip along the calm waters of Port Canaveral channel and the Banana River, Pegasus and ET-134 arrived on dock at the turn basin in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), where it was prepped and off-loaded.


Public affairs officer/blogger Steve Roy surveys the ocean ahead during the voyage of
Liberty Star, Pegasus and ET-134 from Gulfport, Miss. to Kennedy Space Center.

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  1. Thanks Roy for riding along and delivering ET on my birthday. Just wanted you to know that I spoke with a group of boaters who loop the US by waterway (eastern waterways) and they had great feedback on this blog.

  2. Steve, I really enjoyed this blog. I kept the window with the site up and updated it every thirty minutes to make sure I didn’t miss an update. Thanks for taking us along on the ride!

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