Atlantis Leaving Mississippi — May Visit the Beach?

The Atlantis Ferry Flight will depart Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi at approximately 3:40 pm CDT and arrive at the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at approximately 6:30 pm EDT. Pilots will do a fly-by of the beach if weather permits.
Earlier this afternoon, a huge crowd of well-wishers gathered at Columbus to welcome Atlantis when it landed en route from San Antonio. The stop in Mississippi allowed refueling and a weather briefing before resuming the trip to Florida.
Stay tuned — recap photos and videos are on the way after Atlantis lands at Kennedy Space Center!

13 thoughts on “Atlantis Leaving Mississippi — May Visit the Beach?”

  1. Detail curiousity question: Given the combined weight load, how much tire pressure do they have in the wheels of the 747?

  2. What is the white thing attached to the back of the shuttle? Also, you discussed there are still toxins with the shuttle. Is that the radiation etc from space?

  3. What kind of risk is there for a plane piggybacking a flying brick?

    There are only 8 flights left and who knows if there will be another ferry flight. I think the track should be posted to allow taxpaying customers to see some of their uncontrolled spending fly over.

    If the risk is that high then fly an F16/15 escort instead of the trainer planes…

    Irritated at the smoke screen that is put on for U.S. citizens/taxpayers…

  4. You guys don’t get it – the flight path is NOT a big secret for national security purposes!! (Although I’m sure that concern comes into play somehow). The BIGGEST reason they can’t publish the flight path in advance is because they don’t know themselves – because of the weather! I’ll bet path revisions even happen in flight. They probably don’t know exactly what they will do until just before takeoff. Weather is a big deal with any flight, even more so when you have the space shuttle on your back.

    They don’t need an F-15 escort.. That’s completly off base.

  5. I.T.S. — what in the Sam Hill are you talking about? Put down the meth and read before posting such drivel.


  6. Who flies the SCA and C9, is it “astronauts” or the other pilots that work at NASA/Ellington.

    Great Blog, thanks……

  7. I’m not sure it’s intentional smoke screen – more likely just impossible to ever find government information – yes, they should publicize it, but why are you surprsied they don’t?

  8. I was one of a few who could not enter the Air Base in Columbus. I instead hiked in from highway 45 to end up on the Northeast side of the runway. I want you to know that the folks who were with me, also taking photos of the plane as it took off from the Columbus Air Force Base, cheered and wished it a safe trip as it left on the last leg of the trip.

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