Astronauts Back in Station’s U.S. Segment

Astronauts wearing protective masks
Astronauts wearing protective masks
Astronauts Barry WiImore (foreground) and Terry Virts re-entered the U.S. segment wearing protective masks. Credit: NASA TV

The crew opened the hatch to the U.S. segment and returned inside at 2:05 p.m. Central time. Wearing protective masks, Virts and Cristoforetti sampled the cabin atmosphere and reported no indications of any ammonia.

14 thoughts on “Astronauts Back in Station’s U.S. Segment”

  1. Maybe astronauts should take iodine tablets in their drinking water for a while and check for hull fracture. Perhaps take thermal photos of US section from other sections or outside on a spacewalk or send a robot for checking hull gas leakage.

    1. Told my six and four year old this morning whilst walking toschool looking up at the moon. Well done folks and thank you for what you do !

  2. se non c’รจ perdita di ammoniaca , sarete in ottime condizioni , non solo buone come dice il comunicato..ciaooo

  3. Why not use some vegetals and/or animals that would detect and reveal the presence of toxic gaz ?
    in french water-treament plant we use some species of fish as an early warning system of pollution…, canary have been used in underground mining to warn about poor air quality…
    Concerning fishtank zero-gravity, an annular/rotary fishtank could perhaps address the problem ? (provided the poor fish would not feel sick )
    Good luck to all crew !

  4. As the station ages, caution is warranted. Nothing lasts forever. We’re going to need more reliable sensors on a 2+ year trip to Mars or better yet, designs which do not require reliable sensors for safety.


  5. STAY SAFE… PLZ KEEP PICS COMMING…. THANX. just think, next party you have YOUR goinna have a AWSOME photo collection!!!!! LOL. HAV A GREAT DAY.

  6. So pleased to hear all is in order… I wish the rest of the world could handle crisis as well as the International space Station and all the support teams involved…and with such rational and calm… you are all such a fantastic example to all of us…thank you!

  7. glad to hear ISS is back up send Astro Butch and Astro Terry outside the MDM is shorting out giving false alarms this same thing happened back in September which delayed Dragon until now.

  8. glad to here ISS is back up send @Astro Butch and Astro Terry outside the MDM is shorting out giving false alarms.

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