Space Station Update

The Expedition 42 crew members are safe and in good shape inside the Russian segment of the International Space Station following an alarm in the U.S. segment at about 4 a.m. EST.

The crew received an update from spacecraft communicator James Kelly that it’s starting to look like a false indication, either a faulty sensor or computer relay. Flight controllers are continuing to analyze the situation but for now, there is still no direct evidence that ammonia was leaked into the station atmosphere.

› Listen to the update from spacecraft communicator James Kelly here

3 thoughts on “Space Station Update”

  1. We are saying our prayers down here on the Earth that the sensor alarm is a false alarm and that all aboard the ISS remain safe! Godspeed ISS crew!

  2. In the event that an evacuation was necessary, (a) would the Soyuz “lifeboat” be able to accommodate the full station crew? and (b) would the crew be able to reach the Soyuz without passing through the contaminated area? (Presumably if they did have to transit the currently sealed-off area, they would have breathing apparatus or pressure suits available.)

    1. There are always two Soyuz spacecraft attached to ports on the Russian segment, one for each trio of crew members that took them to orbit. By moving to the Russian segment, the six crew members have free and clear access to their respective Soyuz vehicles where their launch and entry suits reside in the unlikely event they would have to evacuate. If the affected area was the Russian segment, they would need to go through that area on the way to their Soyuz.

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