Progress 58 Docks to Station’s Zvezda Service Module

International Space Station Configuration
There are now four spacecraft docked to the International Space Station including the newly arrived ISS Progress 58 space freighter as Feb. 17, 2015. Credit: NASA

Traveling about 257 miles above the Atlantic Ocean northeast of Puerto Rico, the unpiloted Progress 58 Russian cargo ship docked at 11:57 a.m. EST to the rear port of the Zvezda service module of the International Space Station. The craft is delivering three tons of food, fuel, supplies and experiment hardware to the six crew members aboard the orbital laboratory. Progress 58 is scheduled to remain docked to the space station until August.

Meanwhile, astronauts in the U.S. segment of the station are reviewing procedures for a trio of spacewalks. The first is set to begin Friday at 7:10 a.m. Spacewalkers Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts will exit the orbital lab to set the stage for a pair of new commercial crew vehicle docking ports to be installed later this year.

Outside the station on Sunday, robotics controllers on the ground maneuvered the Canadarm2 with the Dextre attached to remove and replace a faulty Remote Power Controller Module (RPCM). The RPCM provides backup commanding capability to the port Thermal Radiator Rotating Joint.

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    1. Watch the U.S. Spacewalk Briefing live on NASA TV starting at 2 p.m. EST today. NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts are scheduled to exit the space station Friday at 7:10 a.m. beginning the first of three spacewalks to set the stage for a pair of new commercial crew vehicle docking ports later this year…

  1. We ( USA ) need own transport to ISS. Space X seems to be the best bet so far. Space X will soon be the new taxi to the Station, maybe first trip to Mars. G


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