NASA TV Covering Dragon Installation

SpaceX Dragon Installation
SpaceX Dragon Installation
The SpaceX Dragon is being installed by robotics controllers on the ground. Credit: NASA TV

Following its capture, the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship is being maneuvered by ground controllers operating the International Space Station’s robotic arm for installation onto the Earth-facing port of the Harmony module.

Operations are progressing ahead of schedule, so NASA Television coverage will resume at 8:45 a.m. EDT at

Expedition 43 Flight Engineer Samantha Cristoforetti of the European Space Agency is at the robotic work station in the orbiting complex’s cupola. Expedition 43 Commander Terry Virts of NASA is assisting her.

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58 thoughts on “NASA TV Covering Dragon Installation”

  1. As I watch the iss above my head, I feel so good.
    Thanks for iss. If it is possible, i would like to watch
    you always.

  2. Both young and old would have interests in universe,
    Its more important for future . Everyone can participate
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  3. Unvisible is simply not to
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    Since we are children of the universe,, we have
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  4. Do you think it is interesting almost
    planets are beautiful round
    form ? And maybe the planets
    attract the equal quantity probes
    by Gravity power .

  5. I had been talked to my family , friends and neighbors about universe,
    Now I am talking here.
    It is so nice to share anything with
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    And.conscious can fly.
    How about coffee breake for
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  6. Nature is going well,
    Nature power is also magnificent.
    We are rart of nature.
    At the same time,universe

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      1. Mankind seem to unrorce on nature disease .
        However technical development may solve it someday.
        It could be better earlier ,of cource.!

  7. What and where is mixmum thhng of
    universe? It must be
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    While traveling arnound the universe,
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  8. What and where is mixmum thing of
    universe? It must be
    somephere and something. That is
    fabulous to find it.
    While traveling around the universe,
    it may be found .

  9. Every time we are noticed of living on such a beautiful blueplanet , as we see the pictures from
    Iss. I love my planet.

  10. I hope everyone live freely and suggest
    and feel something .with no distance.
    That is no frontier line .
    There is existing ,for sure.
    It exceeds ゜word“.
    To feel something is important.
    Is therer really any wall and frontier in
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  12. Like we are watching you.iss,
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    Cosmic development for humanbeing
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  19. The sound of universe is coming from plaanets
    in its firing gas or flowing water. I guess.
    Sometimes how moving the mosquitoes or
    birds iare in zero gravity .I imagine.
    Our planet is wonderland.
    Universe, is mystery world.

  20. As capturing dragon , how about asteroid !?
    And then try ing to restore it for its planet.

  21. Lifespan of planets is founded on its magma.
    inborn. .. Cycle of acceptance and reduction is there .
    So earth is excellent, because it created we earthling!

  22. In near future , cosmic class will be gotten involved in
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    Especially one content will greately change in schooltextbook! It may change wholely!
    Such called on NEO field! NEO mankind…
    However we would like not to get lost -Heart.-!
    I hope so. Since it is important.

  23. Next time I would like to watch ison meteor
    In this December, I wonder how appearence
    of it from iss? How d9es it look at the nearest
    from iss??!

  24. Earth view attracts me several times!.
    It is not tiresome at all. Simply moving in silence.
    Blue face in daytime and releasing beautiful light in
    dark night .both are magnificent and lovelihood.
    Sensation would be different as watching it on
    screen from watching in zerogravity of universe

  25. It is not much to say
    we live in Universal era.
    Nasa in my life had already been started from maybe six or seven years old.

  26. Metal will only be attracted to or repulsed by a magnetic field if is itself magnetized. Generally only ferromagnetic metals are capable of being magnetized.
    Assuming we have a magnetized piece of metal The earths magnetic field will exert a force on the piece of metal. However, the metal is also subject to other forces such as gravity, which will exert a much greater force on the. piece of metal
    Therefore the metal will tend to fall to the ground unless it is in orbit where the gravitational pull of the earth is neutralized.

  27. We live in harmony and keep ecosystem in order.
    I hope it will be done . Science is useful for this also.

  28. I think we coexist with nature on this beautiful planet
    of this earth with fresh feeling, everytime I see the picture
    I believe future!

  29. How about supply water from area of watet level rising to desert phenomenon area by science technology?
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    There are many various method . Simple manner is
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  30. For yourself is fot myself.
    For earth is for ourselves.
    Though I am tiny,
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    Challenge spirit for Universe is paramouut!
    Infinity dream world!..

  32. I always have lots of dreams.
    Dream is motivating powet for overcoming
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    Since dream has unlimited potentiality itself.

  33. Is that wandering and exciting that as we look upon stars. we may have
    been watching from the
    other planets, like us ..Have you ever imagined such like that?

  34. If we can find the existence watching us and earth from
    other planet and livings there, that is so amaging.
    Surely there is.

  35. As well as we are living
    creature, planets are also.
    And we earthling are standing
    on the earth planet created
    in universe. Mankind travel
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  36. What on earth how many
    planets mankind challenge
    and step ouT?
    I am looking forward to seeing the moment mankind landed
    on the other planets as
    Apolo project had achieved
    Now it is forward to Mars!?

  37. Congratulations for docking success.
    How is that feeling ?
    I had seen the very moment of docking on the ground
    since before! The moment of it . sparkling light is
    more bigger. It is exiting moment for myself also!
    Nowi is still so. Very thanks.

  38. I had heard about from lots of people to be eager to seer mankind landing on the moon again.!
    I hope so. too.

  39. This misson is good combination between iss crew and
    controllcenter on the ground. Nice harmony、

  40. During the very serious misson, * good job*sign with smiling faces of Iss crew make me happy! Anybody is

  41. In zero gravity iss. anybody will be a superman and
    a superlady momentaly. Just only to be an astronaut
    is superb—-?! Look like dolphins in the sea.

  42. Anyway, ccheer up the iss crew and Nasa!
    Today also , I wrote down here and willing
    to watch iss.

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