Russian Cargo Craft Arrives at Space Station

Space Station Configuration
The ISS Progress 60 cargo craft is now docked to the Pirs docking compartment. Credit: NASA TV

Traveling about 251 miles over the south Pacific, southeast of New Zealand, the unpiloted ISS Progress 60 Russian cargo ship docked at 3:11 a.m. EDT to the Pirs Docking Compartment of the International Space Station.

The craft is delivering more than three tons of food, fuel and supplies, including 1,940 pounds of propellant, 106 pounds of oxygen, 926 pounds of water, and 3,133 pounds of spare parts, supplies and experiment hardware for the members of the Expedition 44 crew currently living and working in space. Progress 60 is scheduled to remain docked to Pirs for the next four months.

For more information about the current crew and the International Space Station, visit:

ISS Progress 60
The ISS Progress 60 cargo craft is seen just a few minutes away from docking to the International Space Station. Credit: NASA TV

14 thoughts on “Russian Cargo Craft Arrives at Space Station”

  1. Thank god for the Russian space program can’t wait for the USA Orion to be as reliable as our Russian friends and for space x to work the bugs out and do the unbelievable things they are capable of doing practice makes perfect

  2. O sucesso desta missĆ£o era muito importante e a humanidade que estĆ” sempre muito atenta no que toca ao espaƧo agradece ! Manuel Paiva / Portugal

  3. The beautiful Progress spacecraft arrived safely to the ISS, and finally things come again to normality. Good job, everyone! Good luck for the next attempts from Boeing, Orbital, SpaceX, Sierra Nevada (don’t give up, folks!), Roscosmos, ESA and of course NASA.

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