New Crew Joins Expedition 44 for Five Month Mission

Expedition 44 crew members
All six Expedition 44 crew members gathered inside the Zvezda service module for a crew greeting ceremony with new crewmates (front row from left) Kimiya Yui, Oleg Kononenko and Kjell Lindgren. In the back from left are Mikhail Kornienko, Gennady Padalka and Scott Kelly. Credit: NASA TV

NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren, Oleg Kononenko of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and Kimiya Yui of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) joined their Expedition 44 crewmates when the hatches between the Soyuz TMA-17M spacecraft and the International Space Station officially opened at 12:56 a.m. EDT. Expedition 44 Commander Gennady Padalka of Roscosmos, as well as Flight Engineers Scott Kelly of NASA and Mikhail Kornienko of Roscosmos welcomed the new crew members aboard their orbital home.

The crew will support several hundred experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science — research that impacts life on Earth.

Kjell Lindgren and Kimiya Yiu are now the 217th and 218th people to board the International Space Station. This is the first visit for both Lindgren and Yiu, and the third for Kononenko.

Lindgren, Kononenko and Yui will remain aboard the station until late December. Kelly and Kornienko, who have been aboard since March 27, will return to Earth in March 2016 at the end of their one-year mission. Padalka, who also has been aboard since March 27, will return to Earth in September, leaving Kelly in command of Expedition 45. Kelly and Kornienko will return to Earth in March 2016 with Expedition 46 after 342 days in space.

You can follow the crew’s activities in space on social media. Follow space station activities via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Follow Twitter updates from Kjell Lindgren, Kimiya Yui, and Scott Kelly, and follow Kelly on Instagram.

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5 thoughts on “New Crew Joins Expedition 44 for Five Month Mission”

  1. Six supermen got together.
    I am so happy.
    I expect your mission complete safely.
    This is from JAPAN with our smile for all astronauts.
    Taste universe to the full!!

  2. Sending all of you huge blessings for successful mission, create the path way so I can come visit soon !
    I join all of your love ones on being very proud to see you take on such a game changer your the bravest an best at what you do send us all stars.

  3. Thank you for beautiful view from ISS everytime.
    By the way,is there any kinds of sound in universe.i wonder.

  4. Ma bucur sa vad cum conlucreaza mai multe natiuni in Scopuri Stiintifice, si isi aduc contributia la dezlegarea enigmelor de care este preocupata Omenirea ! Apreciez efortul oamenilor de stiinta in rezolvarea problemelor de care noi toti avem atata nevoie ! Constelatia GPS ,Telecomunicatii , Satelitii pentru Prognoza Meteo s.a. . Va admir curajul si va privesc ca pe niste EROI AI SPATIULUI ! Pentru ca orice meserie are riscul ei, dar a dumneavoastra este cu adevarat RISCANTA si FRUMOASA ! VA STIMEZ si VA IUBESC :NASSA !

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