Crew Observes Moment of Silence for Paris Attack Victims

Paris, France
Paris, France is seen from the International Space Station in this photograph from 2005. View Flickr image

The six-member Expedition 45 crew paused for a minute of silence today in tribute to the victims of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Flight Engineer Kjell Lindgren bowed his head in the middle of experiment work while Commander Scott Kelly said the crew “was shocked and saddened” by the events.

Engineers continued to troubleshoot station systems after 1 of the 8 station power channels went down last Friday. There were no impacts to crew activities, the station maintained orbital control and communications remained in good condition. Ground teams are discussing future repair plans and are currently able to manage the power balance for the foreseeable future.

The orbital residents kicked off Monday with the Veggie botany experiment as NASA learns to grow food in space. There were more vision and blood pressure checks helping scientists understand microgravity’s effects on vision. As usual, the crew also continued the upkeep of the orbital laboratory with some plumbing work, battery replacements and cleaning duties.[/embedyt]

3 thoughts on “Crew Observes Moment of Silence for Paris Attack Victims”

  1. Where is the website that gives me a view of the ground as seen from the Space Station – as seen in this photograph ?

  2. In a sense, those aboard the Int’l. Space Station are like a mother bird, brooding over her flock below. How sad it must be for the astronauts, to look at the exquisite and elegantly common gem of Earth, and to realize that there are some places where brother lifts his hand against brother. We who are ON The Earth should also be For The Earth.

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