Crew Waits for Christmas Delivery After Monday Spacewalk

NASA Astronaut Tim Kopra
NASA astronaut Tim Kopra is seen floating during a spacewalk on Dec. 21, 2015.

A pair of spacewalkers are cleaning up and reporting back to ground controllers after a short spacewalk Monday morning. A Christmas delivery is also due at the International Space Station Wednesday at 5:31 a.m. EST/10:31 a.m. UTC.

Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Tim Kopra quickly prepared over the weekend for the spacewalk to release a stalled robotic transporter. As the pair suited up in the Quest airlock Monday, a Progress 62 (62P) cargo spaceship launched on a two-day trip to deliver 2.8 tons of food, fuel, and supplies for the Expedition 46 crew.

The stalled robotic transporter needed to be moved then latched to its worksite ahead of the Progress arrival triggering Monday’s spacewalk. The Progress is a modified design and Russian mission controllers are testing its upgraded software and telemetry systems during its flight to the Pirs docking compartment.

Cosmonauts Yuri Malenchenko and Sergey Volkov are preparing for the Progress arrival by testing the TORU tele-robotic rendezvous system. The TORU system would be used in the unlikely event it would be necessary to manually guide the vehicle to a docking.

The crew also had time set aside for advanced space science today. The orbiting lab residents explored plant growth and life science as humans learn to live longer and farther in space.

16 thoughts on “Crew Waits for Christmas Delivery After Monday Spacewalk”

  1. when did, or will the crew of the ISS receive their “Christmas delivery”? one report states that it was Dec 9 and another says it will be tomorrow, Dec 23. pls verify which one is correct. Will be outside watching them fly over in about 30 min. thank you. and Merry Christmas.

  2. The Saint Peter Astronomy Club saw you go past St. Louis, Missouri at 530P last evening. We pray for your safety and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS, to the brave, lucky Astronauts & Cosmonauts circling Earth. Does Santa visit you every time you orbit Earth???
    Love to you all XXX

  4. No illumination match brightness of the ISS in my mind,
    specially on the Christmas night. Very thanks to you all.
    Please have a safe journey.

  5. Did you see Father Christmas flying through the sky on Christmas Eve..? Enjoy your journey in space everyone! From Oliver

  6. Just want to wish you guys a happy new year ! great to see you on screen Tim on New Years Eve ! keep well keep safe ,you guys are amazing for what you are doing for the future of our kids and grandchildren x

  7. Wow that is so awesome stuff to read about your work at the Space Station. Which you all Merry Christmas and Happy new year. I have followed up on your work is so awesome. This is so important work for all of us down on earth

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