Final Preparations for Tomorrow’s Spacewalk

U.S. EVA #35 Tasks
List of tasks to be performed during U.S. EVA #35 tomorrow at 7:55 a.m. EST.

Commander Scott Kelly and one-year crewmate Mikhail Kornienko continue their contribution to the fluid shifts study with the aid of Russian cosmonaut Sergey Volkov. Data from this long-term study hopes to reveal correlations between the distribution of fluid in the body and changes in vision during prolonged stays in microgravity.

Final preparations are underway for tomorrow’s spacewalk by Tim Kopra and Tim Peake to replace the failed Sequential Shunt Unit and regain the use of power channel 1B that went down on November 13. The 6 ½ hour spacewalk will also involve the spacewalkers deploying cables for the future installation of International Docking Adapters on Pressurized Mating Adapters that will accommodate the arrival of U.S. commercial crew vehicles.

Make sure to tune in to NASA TV tomorrow morning for a live look at U.S. EVA #35. Coverage begins at 6:30 a.m. EST:

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  1. Good luck on your assignment and be safe, And Mr. Kelly I’m still surprised your and your brother are twins, that is a little surreal for me kinda of . I can only imagine what it must be like living up there , see you tomorrow .

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