Spacewalkers Replace Voltage Regulator

Spacewalker Tim Kopra
Spacewalker Tim Kopra is seen outside the Quest airlock shortly after the beginning of this morning’s spacewalk. Credit: NASA TV

Approximately 2 hours into today’s spacewalk, astronauts Tim Kopra and Tim Peake have completed the replacement of a failed voltage regulator that caused a loss of power to one of the station’s eight power channels last November.

The astronauts will now continue with additional tasks, including the routing of cables in advance of International Docking Adapter installment work to support U.S. commercial crew vehicles.

The solar arrays that convert energy to electricity on the space station are made of thousands of solar cells. Altogether, the arrays can generate 84 to 120 kilowatts of electricity — enough to provide power to more than 40 homes, and the space station’s electrical power system is connected by eight miles (12.9 kilometers) of wire.

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3 thoughts on “Spacewalkers Replace Voltage Regulator”

  1. My class in school are learning about space and that so we watched Tim peek live and it was soooooooo amazing we wish Tim peek good luck and stay safe don’t be scared to do anything believe in yourself

  2. Is anyone looking at telomere length of the astronauts to see if living in space ( gamma radiation etc) accelerates aging?

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