Crew Exploring Human Research and Prepping for Russian Spacewalk

Astronaut Tim Peake
Astronaut Tim Peake uses a bar magnet to stir samples for a fluid physics experiment inside the Unity module.

The six-member Expedition 46 crew participated in a range of long term space science Wednesday to benefit life on Earth and future astronauts. The crew is also gearing up for the second spacewalk of 2016 planned for early February.

Astronauts Tim Kopra and Tim Peake participated in eye and blood pressure checks for the Ocular Health vision study. Kopra then scrubbed spacesuit cooling loops before reconfiguring their hardware. Peake set up gear for the Airway Monitoring experiment to determine how gravity and microgravity influence the lungs. Commander Scott Kelly collected blood and urine samples and took ultrasound and blood pressure measurements for the Cardio Ox and Twins Study experiments.

Cosmonauts Sergey Volkov and Yuri Malenchenko are getting ready for a Russian spacewalk planned for Feb. 3 that will be broadcast live on NASA TV. The duo prepared their Orlan spacesuits and the airlock inside the Pirs docking compartment. The spacewalkers will spend about five hours and 30 minutes installing hardware and science experiments on the Russian segment of the International Space Station.

5 thoughts on “Crew Exploring Human Research and Prepping for Russian Spacewalk”

  1. I thought the international space station was not meant to be political regardless of what is going down on the ground. This flight the russians seem to have kept to their side and the americans and europeans their side. Well done to home boy Tim Peake he seems to have thrown himself into life on the station.

    1. The International Space Station has American and Russian modules. There are also European and Japanese laboratory modules. Other countries have contributed important gear and services necessary for the operation of the orbital laboratory. The numerous crews have consisted of individuals from all over the world who have worked in all sections of the space station. More informsation…

  2. I cannot believe the sunrises I have watched on my iPad and iPhone and have caught the shots on the camera. How is it I can sometimes hear the conversations from Houston to ISS and the Russian astronauts talking. Even watch working in the lab today live. Cannot wait until it comes into view over the U.K. I am just loving every minute of it.

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