Crew Studies Health in Space and Counts Down to Next Spacewalk

Houston and the Gulf Coast
The night lights of Houston and the Gulf Coast are pictured from the International Space Station.

The Expedition 46 crew of two U.S. astronauts, one British astronaut and three Russian cosmonauts practiced their emergency response skills today in conjunction with the Mission Control Centers in Houston and Moscow. The station residents also continued more human research to improve crew health while moving along with preparations for a Feb. 3 spacewalk.

The crew members spent an hour today conducting an emergency drill to practice communication, familiarize themselves with safety gear and procedures and memorize evacuation routes. After the drill the crew called down to ground teams to review their actions and results.

Meanwhile, international space science is ongoing as scientists and doctors explore the long term effects of living in space on a crew member’s body which could also benefit life on Earth. Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineers Tim Kopra and Tim Peake were conducting more eye checks for the Ocular Health vision study. Kelly also took a blood sample for stowage in a science freezer. Kopra and Peake were back at work exploring how an astronaut’s lungs adapt to microgravity for the Airway Monitoring experiment.

Two cosmonauts, Sergey Volkov and Yuri Malenchenko, are getting tools ready for the next spacewalk scheduled at the beginning of February. The spacewalkers will work outside in space to install hardware and science experiments on Russian modules.

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  1. Would you consider a 58 year old female who has nothing left to lose than love to explore space. I am a non-smoker and my health is great. Just wondering at what age you decline.

  2. Autoignition from dust in the atmosphere of the universe, then microbe occurred from this atmosphere and developed. Universe is the oceanfield of carbon.
    Just simply, I felt so.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful Earth view!

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