Muscle and Heart Research as Dragon Targets Sunday Arrival

Kibo and the Milky Way
Japan’s Kibo lab module and the Earth’s limb frames the Milky Way. Credit: @Astro_Tim

The six station residents researched advanced space science today inside the orbital laboratory. The crew is also training for the automated arrival and robotic installment of the SpaceX Dragon.

The crew members are exploring how living in space affects the human muscular system and heart function. The crew also preparing a high quality protein crystal experiment that may enable advanced drug treatments for a variety of diseases on Earth.

The SpaceX Dragon is the next cargo craft set deliver more science and crew supplies. It will launch Friday afternoon for a rendezvous and capture Sunday morning at the space station. The new Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) will also be shipped to the Expedition 47 crew aboard the SpaceX. BEAM will be installed to the Tranquility module about a week after its arrival at the station for two years of habitability tests.

A Russian Progress 63 (63P) cargo craft completed a two-day delivery mission to the International Space Station Saturday afternoon. The crew opened the hatches to the 63P shortly afterward and began unloading nearly three tons of food, fuel and supplies.

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  1. You are handle a lot of tons weight masine and pakeging in ISS. In the Space the weight is minimal ets. kg.tons measure , a weight is much less than the same staff would be weight on Earth and gravity ? Is that corect? And how is compare between both sides? What is good for ISS?!

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