Robotics and Human Research as Dragon Packed for Departure

A solar array crosses this image of an aurora tweeted by astronaut Tim Kopra. Credit: @Astro_Tim

The crew trained for an experiment that is exploring new technologies to support missions farther out into space. Life science also continued this week as the astronauts researched how the lack of gravity affects their bodies

Scientists are studying the possibility of a space internet and remotely controlling rovers on a planetary surface from a spacecraft. British astronaut Tim Peake trained on the rover control software for the METERON experiment that may also enable closer human and robotic connections in hazardous conditions.

NASA astronaut Jeff Williams and cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin joined each other for more work on the Fluid Shifts study. That experiment observes how living in space impacts a crew member’s cells, blood vessels, brain pressure and vision.

Commander Tim Kopra is stowing gear inside the SpaceX Dragon for retrieval back on Earth. The Dragon is due to be released from the Harmony module May 11 for a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean a few hours later.

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