U.S. and Russian Crews Swap Days Off After Busy Week

British Astronaut Tim Peake
British astronaut Tim Peake unpacks science gear for an experiment that is researching how the lack of gravity affects the fluid shifts and pressure inside a crew member’s head.

Two NASA astronauts and a European Space Agency astronaut are relaxing today after sending the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft home Wednesday. The three cosmonauts continued their ongoing Russian research work and maintenance activities after taking Monday off in observation of Victory Day.

The Japanese Kibo lab’s airlock is being depressurized today before a series a nanosatellites are deployed beginning Monday morning. The Cubesats, which will be deployed Monday through Wednesday, will support Earth observation experiments.

On the Russian side of the International Space Station, the cosmonauts inspected windows and photographed the internal condition of the segment’s modules. They also explored new photography techniques to improve the ability to locate and picture landmarks on the Earth’s surface.

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