BEAM Opens Up For Checks

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module’s (BEAM) hatch was opened up for the first time today. Astronaut Jeff Williams entered BEAM and checked sensors, installed air ducts and reported back to Earth that it was in pristine condition. After Williams completed the BEAM checks he exited and closed the hatch for the day.

The crew will enter BEAM a couple of more times through Wednesday to check sensors and gear. BEAM will stay attached to the International Space Station for two years of tests of its durability.

The rest of the Expedition 47 crew moved right along with human research studies benefiting astronauts in space and people on Earth. British astronaut Tim Peake explored how astronauts adapt to tasks requiring high concentration and detailed procedures. Williams later collected biological samples for stowage and analysis for the Multi-Omics experiment that is studying the immune system.

Commander Tim Peake and Flight Engineer Yuri Malenchenko are packing their Soyuz TMA-19M spacecraft and getting ready for a June 18 departure. Peake will join the duo for the ride home after living in space for six months.

Astronaut Jeff Williams
Astronaut Jeff Williams works inside the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module. Credit: NASA TV

5 thoughts on “BEAM Opens Up For Checks”

  1. Why throw it away after 2 years? Why not use it if it succeeds? You keep throwing stuff away. No wonder your budget is so large.

    1. Fancis, their budget is nothing compared to what many other sections of the federal government get. But anyways, I’m really happy to know its working out well up on the ISS.

  2. Good going Bigelow Aerospace on the BEAM ! And NASA should test the larger BA-330 or larger module at the ISS. The Bigelow modules are the basis of expanding in space ! The modules are needed in LEO, a Lunar Polar Base, a Mars Base and for the trip to Mars. Also needed is Space Based Power developed by NASA with the help of the US Navy. This will help NASA and others to live off the land on the Moon and Mars. A Lunar Polar visit is needed soon to understand the Lunar Polar Ice (water/H2O). The Lunar Water can jump start the Lunar Economy to expand through the Solar System ! Back to the Moon to Stay and onto Mars and Beyond-Ad Astra… tjl

  3. It almost looks like a snowman with buck teeth, mustache, and a top hat in the background, and another set of eyes to the lower left of him.

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