Human Research and Suit Preps before Mid-August Spacewalk

NASA Astronauts Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins
NASA astronauts Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins work on a pair of U.S. spacesuits in the Quest airlock. Credit: NASA TV

The Expedition 48 crew continued researching how living in space affects the eyes and the brain today. Two NASA astronauts also are getting ready for a mid-August spacewalk to install a new docking port.

Commander Jeff Williams and cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin participated in the Fluid Shifts experiment today. They used an ultrasound scan and a tonometer to monitor the fluid pressure in an astronaut’s head and eyes. Microgravity tends to shift fluids to the upper body increasing pressure in the head with some astronauts experiencing vision problems.

Williams then joined Flight Engineer Kate Rubins in the U.S. Quest airlock to resize a pair of spacesuits. The duo are scheduled for an Aug. 19 spacewalk to install an International Docking Adapter on the Harmony module.

The adapter will be removed from the SpaceX Dragon Aug. 17 during a six-hour robotic maneuver to place it in installation position. The adapters will enable future commercial crew vehicles from Boeing and SpaceX to dock to the International Space Station.

6 thoughts on “Human Research and Suit Preps before Mid-August Spacewalk”

    1. I had the Joy of seeing you fly over my house tonight at 9:34pm. I’m in Utah. I was so amazed and excited. The ISS is fascinating to me, and everything all of you are doing. Your amazing people doing amazing things for the future of mankind. Be careful and safe and I appreciate you all for what you’re doing. Thank you

      1. Thanks for lying to the public nasa!!! Invest the stolen money from Americans on better green screens and cgi!!!

  1. they are researchingt the eye fluids now for so many years and still they dont know the answers? How is that posible or is it just to keep them busy?

  2. We saw the Space Station orbiting over head tonight .( Southland NZ ) It’s Very exciting to know 6 highly trained individuals , all from differnt countries are up working together researching for the greater good and the safety of our future astronauts . Keep up the great work team …

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