Scientists Study Crew Adapting to New Tech

Astronaut Shane Kimbrough
Astronaut Shane Kimbrough is seen inside his spacesuit during a spacewalk on Jan. 13, 2017.

Scientists are researching how International Space Station astronauts adapt to new technology as NASA prepares to send humans beyond low-Earth orbit. Crew members will have to learn how to operate new types of spacecraft and adjust to planetary surfaces with different microgravity environments.

As part of this research, Expedition 50 Flight Engineers Peggy Whitson from NASA and Thomas Pesquet from ESA started Monday morning with an interactive test on an iPad. The test is part of the Fine Motor Skills experiment that observes how astronauts interact with new technologies potentially influencing the design of future spaceships, spacesuits and habitats.

Commander Shane Kimbrough worked throughout the day on science hardware. He rebooted a computer on the MERLIN science freezer before swapping hard drives on a device that observes meteors entering Earth’s atmosphere. In the afternoon, Kimbrough videotaped himself reading a children’s book and performing a simple light experiment for school kids on Earth.

The three cosmonauts, Oleg Novitskiy, Andrey Borisenko and Sergey Ryzhikov, worked in the station’s Russian segment on a variety of science and maintenance tasks. The trio explored the human digestion system and collected blood samples for a bone loss study.

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7 thoughts on “Scientists Study Crew Adapting to New Tech”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing what you and your team are up to, weather it is experiments or checking on new events in our Solar System

  2. Dear Sirs ,
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    Armen Ohan.

  3. Howdy ISS ,
    I would kindly ask you to see the possibility of adding some extra accessories upon The International Space Station or a long space journeys rocket Engines , that may been used for these rockets , it is a system of transferring a non-metallic trash of the crews , ( after cutting that to a small pieces ) to the burning chamber, to burn it there during the burning procedures of the specific fuel of the rocket Engines .
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    Sincerely .
    Armen Ohan .

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    Sincerely .
    Armen Ohan .

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    Armen Ohan.

  6. Dear Sirs ,
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