Crew Looks for Neutron Radiation While Prepping for Spacewalks

Expedition 53 crew portrait
The six Expedition 53 crew members gather together in the Destiny laboratory module for a group portrait. From left are astronauts Joe Acaba, Paolo Nespoli and Mark Vande Hei, Commander Randy Bresnik and cosmonauts Sergey Ryazanskiy and Alexander Misurkin.

Sensors are being installed today in the International Space Station to detect neutron radiation. The crew is also setting up a botany study, conducting human research and getting ready for next week’s spacewalk.

Cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy handed over a set of radiation sensors to NASA astronaut Joe Acaba today. Acaba then installed the sensors in the station’s U.S. segment to measure only the neutron radiation levels the orbital lab is exposed to. The data from the Radi-N2 study will help scientists understand the exposure risk to crew members and develop advanced protective measures.

Acaba also continued installing hardware for the Veggie-3 experiment to get the station ready for a new crop of lettuce and cabbage. Flight Engineer Mark Vande Hei strapped himself into the station’s exercise bike for the VO2max experiment that observes physical exertion during a space mission.

A pair of spacewalkers took a look at the procedures they will use Oct. 5 to replace a latching end effector at the tip of the Canadarm2. Vande Hei will join Commander Randy Bresnik for that spacewalk and a second planned for Oct. 10. Acaba will join Bresnik for a third spacewalk set for Oct. 18.

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  2. I GOTTA have one of those shirts!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’m a lifelong astronomy nut, and I HAVE to have one of those shirts. Someone tell me where to buy one, PLEASE.

  3. Like everyone else… I’d love to get one of those awesome shirts. Or at very least where to find the material so I could try to make one for myself and one for a doll!

  4. All the stuff they’re doing is so cool! But yes, where can we get the shirt! In women’s sizes, or at least small enough for women!

      1. Thank you, Mark. It is very interesting. QUESTION: Were those great Hawaiian shirts custom-made for the ISS crew? There are a LOT of space program supporters who would love to have one.

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