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Aug. 22, 2018: International Space Station Configuration
International Space Station Configuration as of Aug. 22, 2018: Three spaceships are docked at the space station including the Progress 70 resupply ship and the Soyuz MS-08 and MS-09 crew ships.

The International Space Station’s cabin pressure is holding steady after the Expedition 56 crew conducted repair work on one of two Russian Soyuz spacecraft attached to the complex. The repair was made to address a leak that had caused a minor reduction of station pressure.

After a morning of investigations, the crew reported that the leak was isolated to a hole about two millimeters in diameter in the orbital compartment, or upper section, of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft attached to the Rassvet module of the Russian segment of the station.

Flight controllers at their respective Mission Control centers in Houston and Moscow worked together with the crew to effect a repair option in which Soyuz commander Sergey Prokopyev of Roscosmos used epoxy on a gauze wipe to plug the hole identified as the leak source. As the teams were discussing options, flight controllers in Moscow performed a partial increase of the station’s atmosphere using the ISS Progress 70 cargo ship’s oxygen supply. Flight controllers in Houston are continuing to monitor station’s cabin pressure in the wake of the repair.

Meanwhile, Roscosmos has convened a commission to conduct further analysis of the possible cause of the leak.

Throughout the day, the crew was never in any danger, and was told no further action was contemplated for the remainder of the day. Flight controllers will monitor the pressure trends overnight.

All station systems are stable and the crew is planning to return to its regular schedule of work on Friday.

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  1. Hello, I am so impressed with the mission of the International Space Station, especially when it “fly” over my area. I stand outside and wave like crazy KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  2. I am happy to think my great, great, great grand-children will benefit a better life because of the work you are doing today. We are greatful for your hard work.

  3. Man, I was a little scared for a second. I was expecting some giant gash in one of the modules, nope! Just a little hole in the Soyuz! Either way, great job fixing it!

  4. Amazing scientific edifice – a floating laboratory, extreme engineering, all for the humanity! I love it!!

  5. This question is directed towards the ISS… May we not shake the AI robot (Cimon) to cancel the previous commands. He doesn’t seem to like it and may we just cancel previous commands with voice protocol. So that way the AI robot may enjoy his amazing experience in space as well.

    YouTube Video
    ‘Cimon, Wake up’
    @ time of 5:22-he says
    ‘Be nice, please’

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