Expedition 57 Space Station Status Briefing

NASA held a news conference at noon EDT, Oct. 11, from Johnson Space Center in Houston, to provide a status update on the International Space Station following this morning’s Soyuz spacecraft abort during launch that ended with the safe landing of two Expedition 57 crew members. Participants are Kenny Todd, International Space Station Operations Integration Manager and Reid Wiseman, Deputy Chief Astronaut.

2 thoughts on “Expedition 57 Space Station Status Briefing”

  1. It’s urgent to work with the SpaceX crewed misson to get it off the ground. The supply missons that have extended to many countries and continents need to be followed up with crewed vehicles. Safety first but to be able to taking on the supply vehicles the station must be manned by people. We need to use all the time we can to get use to live in space and to live without the support of a healthy earth. Thankfully their were no casualties this time and its a chance to learn about the failure just like in regular flying. The time we have left to learn how to live off the earth are limited and very precious. Thanks for your important work!

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