Crew Studies Space-Caused Eye Pressure and Cultural Differences

The SpaceX Dragon cargo craft and the Canadarm2
The SpaceX Dragon cargo craft and the Canadarm2 robotic arm are pictured attached to the International Space Station as the orbital complex was 251 miles above the Atlantic Ocean about to fly over Morocco.

The Expedition 58 crew focused again today on studying head and eye pressure changes astronauts experience while living in space. The crew then went on to more science hardware and life support maintenance aboard the International Space Station.

Flight Engineers Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacques worked throughout Thursday morning researching the upward flow of fluids that occurs inside astronauts’ bodies. The duo conducted eye scans with a variety of devices to measure eye pressure changes caused by these fluid shifts in microgravity.

McClain then spent the afternoon connecting cables and installing parts on the Multi-Purpose Small Payload Rack (MSPR) that houses small experiments in the Kibo lab module. Saint-Jacques replaced electronics gear in the Kubik incubator that enables research on seeds, cells and small animals in the Columbus lab module.

Commander Oleg Kononenko ensured the upkeep of life support gear and other station systems in the Russian segment of the orbital lab. The veteran cosmonaut of three previous Expeditions ended the day exploring how station crew members from around the world interact and learn to live together in space.

3 thoughts on “Crew Studies Space-Caused Eye Pressure and Cultural Differences”

  1. Can you explain what it feels like to experience the change in fluid pressure to the eyes? Is it painful, scary or what?

  2. I wish i was there with you guys!
    i watch NASA TV all of the time. Back here in Earth, I have payed the price for being a hard worker for over a Half Century as well. I am in excellent shape for a 60 year old man, I admire the way you all exercise and take care of your selves during your stay at the station. hope to donate my body to science one day and make to Space.
    Mean while Anne and David take care of my Space Station.
    Happy Endeavors.
    Space Arrow.

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