Russian Cargo Ship Undocks; U.S. Cygnus Leaves in February

Russian ISS Progress 70 cargo craft
Russia’s Progress 70 cargo craft undocks on time today from the Pirs Docking Compartment .

A Russian Progress 70 (70P) cargo craft undocked from the International Space Station today at 7:55 a.m. EST loaded with trash and discarded gear. It will orbit Earth a few more hours before reentering the Earth’s atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean for a fiery but safe destruction.

The Progress delivered three tons of food, fuel and supplies to the station crew members on July 9. It was the first two-orbit rendezvous in International Space Station history.

Today’s departure leaves three spaceships attached to the orbital lab including Northrop Grumman’s Cygnus space freighter and Russia’s Progress 71 resupply ship and Soyuz MS-11 crew ship. Cygnus is due to complete its mission when it departs from the station’s Unity module on Feb. 8.

14 thoughts on “Russian Cargo Ship Undocks; U.S. Cygnus Leaves in February”

  1. Are you saying that the Russian cargo ship has been attach on the International Space Station since July 9, 2018 and now about to in-dock?
    How many hatch does the space station have? If am not mistaken, the dragon space ship from SpaceX was there recently.

  2. It’s always amazing that NASA can execute re-entry without hitting any airliners, jets, cargo ships or cruise liners with re-entries like these. How much did the reentry craft cost in design, building & launch expenses ?

    1. The current companies and space agencies launching spacecraft to the space station are…

      1. SpaceX
      2. Northrop Grumman
      3. Roscosmos
      4. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

      These organizations will have details on their mission costs and may or may not share them according to their policies.

  3. Do the spaceships which are not re-usable have engines to guide them to safe destruction paths agter detaching themselves from the ISS?

  4. What effect does a craft that burns up in the atmosphere have on global warming? Have there been any studys done? I think the burning metals would have some effect on the atmosphere, not to mention the other substances that go into a spacecraft.

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