Time Perception Studies, Free-Flying Robotics on Station Schedule

The forward end of the International Space Station
The forward end of the International Space Station is pictured showing portions of five modules.

The Expedition 58 crew is helping scientists today understand how astronauts perceive time and orient themselves when living in space. The orbital residents are also working on CubeSat and free-flying robotics hardware aboard the International Space Station.

Astronauts Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacques wore virtual reality gear for the Time Perception experiment sponsored by the European Space Agency. The study takes place in the Columbus lab module and is researching the hypothesis that time and depth perception are altered in microgravity.

McClain of NASA started the day inside the Kibo lab module, opened the airlock and removed the CubeSat deployer. She disassembled and stowed the hardware in Kibo’s logistics module after it ejected a series of CubeSats into Earth orbit in January.

Astrobee is a new experimental program that uses three small free-flying assistants and is due to begin operations soon. Saint-Jacques installed the Astrobee docking station in the Unity module where the cube-shaped robotic helpers will be able to attach themselves in the future. The autonomous free-flyers may be able to help astronauts with simple duties and enhance monitoring abilities on the orbital lab.

Commander Oleg Kononenko spent Friday morning exploring how crew activities and the Earth’s magnetic field impact the structure of the space station. The experienced cosmonaut moved into the afternoon replacing dust filters before researching space navigation techniques.

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  1. I have a connection with the dark sky having infinite numbers of glowing spots that is why I think I love astronomy. Many times I have spotted ISS (International Space Station) and every time I just look at it with any thought. Congratulations to Expedition 58 Crew. My wishes are with you. Love NASA. Love Astronomy.

    1. Expedition 58 did a great and wonderful job in space and you guys did wonderful we love you guys and thank you NASA For a great and wonderful job well done!!

  2. The accomplishments related to ISS, NASA and the cooperation of the people involved throughout the earth’s population in the many studies and projects related to the exploration of space make me proud to be a human being.

  3. Bueno me han convencido, me parece bien la participación del público en general, y siempre tuve en mi país buenos profesores de astronomía, y sé lo dificil que somos los humanos ahora y en todas las épocas.Admiro su trabajo y que tengamos una ventana exterior.gracias mil

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