Station Crews Take a Breather in Anticipation of Launch on March 14

A view from the International Space Station taken Feb. 21, 2019.
A view from the International Space Station taken Feb. 21, 2019. Image Credit: NASA

This Monday, the Expedition 58 crew is taking a well-deserved break after a busy week prior wrapping up SpaceX’s inaugural flight of Crew Dragon to the International Space Station during Demonstration Mission-1, an uncrewed flight test. The vehicle departed station for a splashdown off the Florida Space Coast at 8:45 a.m. EST Friday, bringing NASA even closer to sending astronauts into space from American soil. 

The Expedition 59 crew, which will soon get their turn in orbit, is taking time to relax and review their launch day flight plan at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. On March 14, Commander Alexey Ovchinin and Flight Engineers Nick Hague and Christina Koch are set to blastoff at 3:14 p.m. EDT and dock less than six hours later to the Rassvet module at the orbiting laboratory. Research investigations will get a boost in productivity with their arrival, which will bring the full crew complement to six. All launch and docking events will be carried live on NASA TV. 

Tomorrow, the Soyuz MS-12 that will carry the new crew crawls to the launch pad at Baikonur as Expedition 58 resumes science studies. 

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9 thoughts on “Station Crews Take a Breather in Anticipation of Launch on March 14”

  1. Out of subject. But this morning I saw you flying over a Lourdes, France. I even could see/distinguish the long shape of the shuttle. I was so happy. Thank you. Please. Please send us photos on Facebook when you can. I’m following you and I’m interested. God bless you and stay safe !

  2. Since I understand about the world and space, then I love NASA. Because they give the most important, definitive and exactly matched reports for us. Thanks NASA for your awesome service.

  3. Your lucky pe0ple to be up there, I wish you all the best and every success in your adventure, safe travels to all the crew. I am with you all the way in spirit… Next time you look down on Canada, I will be the wee Scotsman looking up at you from Spucedale On. ….Billy Boy.

  4. In the pass NASA would post docking, undocking and space walks on direct TV guide with the
    times they are happening. You no longer do it I have to go on a computer to fine out what is
    happening and set my recorder. Why don’t you put these events on direct TV guide?

  5. Thanks for all this technology. I love everything thing I
    See ! Try to learn everything I can. Please keep on line.
    Have safe times in space ; that is a big playground up their 🙂

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