NASA TV Coverage Begins of U.S. Cygnus Craft Approaching Station

Expedition 59 Flight Engineer Anne McClain
Expedition 59 Flight Engineer Anne McClain of NASA uses the robotics workstation inside the U.S. Destiny laboratory module to practice Canadarm2 robotics maneuvers and Cygnus spacecraft capture techniques.

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 59 Flight Engineer Anne McClain of NASA will capture the spacecraft assisted by David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency, who will monitor Cygnus systems during its approach for capture. They will use the space station’s robotic arm to take hold of the Cygnus, dubbed the S.S. Roger Chaffee. After Cygnus’ capture, ground controllers will command the station’s arm to rotate and install it on the bottom of the station’s Unity module.

NASA Television coverage of capture has begun. Watch live online at

A timeline of remaining Cygnus and space station activities for the earliest capture attempt is below:

Time (EDT)   Event

4:14 a.m.      Cygnus within 300m of Space Station
4:21 a.m.      250m Hold Point Arrival
4:36 a.m.      250m Hold Point Departure
4:47 a.m.      Cygnus within 100 meters of Space Station
5:00 a.m.      30 meters Hold Point Arrival
5:05 a.m.      Earliest “Go” for Capture
5:19 a.m.      Capture Point Arrival
5:24 a.m.      “Go” or “No-Go” for Capture
5:30 a.m.      Capture

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