Biomedicine and Physics Research During Crew Departure Preps Today

NASA astronaut Christina Koch works on the Capillary Structures experiment
NASA astronaut Christina Koch works on the Capillary Structures experiment studying how to manage fluid and gas mixtures for more reliable life support systems in space.

Biomedicine and physics topped the research schedule aboard the International Space Station today. The Expedition 59 crew also checked out U.S. spacesuits while preparing a Russian crew ship for return to Earth next week.

NASA is preparing for human missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. The astronauts aboard the orbiting lab are helping scientists keep crews healthy and engineers design safer, more advanced spacecraft.

Astronauts Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacques started Tuesday morning collecting blood, urine and body swab samples for the Standard Measures study. They stowed the samples in a science freezer for later analysis to help doctors understand how humans respond to microgravity.

The Genes In Space-6 (GIS-6) experiment had another run today inside Europe’s Columbus laboratory module. Christina Koch of NASA set up the Biomolecule Sequencer to sequence DNA samples during the morning. The DNA research seeks to understand how space radiation mutates DNA and assesses the molecular level repair process.

She and Saint-Jacques also took turns resizing U.S. spacesuits and swapping out components. Mission managers are planning more spacewalks later this year for battery and science hardware maintenance.

Flight Engineer Nick Hague spent most of Tuesday running the Capillary Structures study to observe how fluid and gas mixtures behave inside structures designed for microgravity. Today’s operations demonstrated fluid flows with potential applications for advanced life support systems in space.

Commander Oleg Kononenko continues inventorying gear and trash for packing inside the Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft. He will complete a 204-day mission with McClain and Saint-Jacques when they parachute to a landing in Kazakhstan on June 24 scheduled for 10:48 p.m. EDT (June 25 8:48 a.m. Kazakh time).

4 thoughts on “Biomedicine and Physics Research During Crew Departure Preps Today”

  1. Why do they need to pack trash into the Soyuz? One would think there would be plenty of room for trash in Progress and Cygnus cargo ships.

    1. The mass and volume of cargo and trash returns is calculated ahead of time and packed accordingly on departing spacecraft to maximize space aboard the space station.

  2. I hope Space X Falcon Heavy, scheduled to launch tentatively on June 25th, doesn’t interfere with
    the return of the astronauts to earth scheduled for June 24th. I’m sure you guys have this planned out
    already, just a little worried. I’m sure everything will be fine. thanks for all the wonderful work being done on the space station by everyone – it’s awe-inspiring.
    Joseph Kotula

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