Touchdown! Expedition 62 Returns to Earth, Completes Station Mission

Expedition 62 crewmembers
Expedition 62 crewmembers (from left) Andrew Morgan, Oleg Skripochka and Jessica Meir pose for a portrait before their return to Earth.

NASA astronauts Andrew Morgan and Jessica Meir, and Oleg Skripochka landed on Earth at 1:16 a.m. EDT in Kazakhstan. The trio departed the International Space Station in their Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft at 9:53 p.m.

After post-landing medical checks, the crew will return by Russian helicopters to the recovery staging city in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, where they will split up. Morgan and Meir will board a NASA plane located in the adjacent city of Kyzlorda, Kazakhstan, for a flight back to Houston. Skripochka will board a Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center aircraft in Baikonur to return to his home in Star City, Russia.

Remaining aboard the station is the three-person crew of Expedition 63 with NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy serving as station commander and Roscosmos’ Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner serving as flight engineers.

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10 thoughts on “Touchdown! Expedition 62 Returns to Earth, Completes Station Mission”

  1. Welcome home! I envy you all training for isolation… I’m 1 month in and I’m dying lol. Best of luck though from Indiana, glad you are home safe!

  2. Love this site along with the ISS. How exactly do they land in K.? I have seen before and after. Obviously no water landing! Thx in advance!✨

    1. Hi Susan. It is a parachuted landing in the steppe of Kazakhstan. Approximately six feet before touchdown, the Soyuz spacecraft fires its soft landing engines to cushion its ground landing. The astronauts have described the feeling of landing in a Soyuz as similar to a fender bender, or minor traffic accident.

  3. Hello to all and thank you to those who have accomplished their duty and to those who will continue. I’m not a techo, just someone who loves the added dimension to daily life that you provide us. Flying so high, travelling so fast, watching below as we are watching you and just loving all that is happening. Your circumnavigations give us the evidence of what can be achieved if we try and extends our thinking and appreciation of things to another level, outside of our earthling existence. Many thanks to all.

  4. Thank you all and congratulation for the great job and welcome to earth the home planate. Best of luck though from India. Glad you are home safe! I’m not an astro nor attached with NASA, just someone who loves to watch the added dimension in leasure to daily life that you provide us.

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