Watch Commercial Crew Astronauts Dock to Station

NASA astronauts Doug Hurley (foreground) and Bob Behnken
NASA astronauts Doug Hurley (foreground) and Bob Behnken call down to mission controllers for a report on their second flight day abnoard the SpaceX Crew Dragon. Credit: NASA TV

NASA Television and the agency’s website are providing live continuous coverage of NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 test flight carrying NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley on their way to the International Space Station.

Hurley and Behnkhen received their wake-up call at 4:45 a.m. EDT with the song “Planet Caravan” by Black Sabbath. This morning they shared a tour inside the spacecraft, which they named Dragon Endeavour. Next they will conduct a near field manual piloting test to demonstrate their ability to control the spacecraft should an issue with the spacecraft’s automated flight arise.

The spacecraft will begin its close approach to the station at about 8:27 a.m. and is scheduled to dock at 10:29 a.m. Crew Dragon is designed to dock autonomously, but the crews onboard the spacecraft and the space station will diligently monitor the performance of the spacecraft as it approaches and docks to the forward port of the station’s Harmony module.

As SpaceX’s final flight test, the Demo-2 mission will validate all aspects of its crew transportation system, including the Crew Dragon spacecraft, spacesuits, Falcon 9 launch vehicle, launch pad LC-39A, and operations capabilities before NASA’s Commercial Crew Program certifies Crew Dragon for operational, long-duration missions to the space station.

Behnken and Hurley will work with SpaceX mission control to verify the spacecraft is performing as intended by testing the environmental control system, the displays and control system, and by maneuvering the thrusters, among other things.

Follow along with mission activities and get more information at: Learn more about commercial crew and space station activities by following @Commercial_Crew, @space_station, and @ISS_Research on Twitter as well as the Commercial Crew Facebook, ISS Facebook and ISS Instagram accounts.

39 thoughts on “Watch Commercial Crew Astronauts Dock to Station”

    1. Es una autentica y unica maravilla
      haber visto en directo y paso a paso la llegada de la nave espacial y el acoplamiento a la Estación Espacial Internacional.
      Gracias por habernos permitido este lujo, espero y deseo que sea fructífero éste viaje.

  1. Can’t describe the heartache when we lost the Space Shuttle launches. And equally, can’t describe the joy to see SpaceX yesterday !!

  2. What a great moment for the present and for the
    future of space exploration, good job SpaceX and NASA!

  3. Good luck SpaceX and NASA. Have a great time on the International Space Station, Dragon’s astronauts. This is a great moment for future space exploration to Mars and other exoplanets.

  4. Having watched our space missions from the very beginning, I am simply gobsmacked. Congratulations to NASA, SpaceX, and the intrepid astronauts of the Crew Dragon Endeavour! Well done, all!

  5. Well done guys, excellent to watch, & well one to all the space x ground crew. Will watch you go over tonight from the Isle of Wight, England.

  6. I love it, and so glad we have a vehicle to handle our space station needs, I am so proud, and remember as a kid, watching all flights. and I have seen 2 Liftoff from KSC, and I wanted to be there for this, but weather knocked me out. Keep it coming, and I Love Space-X / NASA!

  7. Great job SpaceX and NASA too!!! I’m Canadian (Québécois) and I’m proud of you American!!! And what about the astronauts thank you for your courage and professionalism.

  8. Great job! Thanks to your work, we understand more and more our universe. We keep learning from you in order to teach our children with the hope that they continue discovering our universe.

  9. Soo excited to learn of some good news today with everything going on in the world. Huge congratulations to NASA, Robert, Douglas, and the SpaceX team that made this such a success. My son hopes to work for NASA one day. We have to all keep celebrating the good in this world, as it far outweighs the bad. The future looks bright. As always….NASA ROCKS!!

  10. What a great moment for the world, and we could see this in live.!!, You brought the universe so closer, Amazing NASA !!!!

  11. You guys are so professional and passionate about the space program. Brings tears to my eyes to us back in the game.

  12. Muy orgullosa de este evento es que no hay palabras para describir como la tecnología nos dio el honor de verlo en vivo gracias gracias a todos los que ha. Trabajado con las transmisiones fue un día inolvidable. Me recordó de hace muchos años cuando estaba en la escuela en Costa Rica y se háblala de la primera misión q llegaría a la Luna cuando también caminaron fue todo x radio o en televisión blanco y negro y miren hoy la tecnología gracias. Ahora les envío a los austronatas mis mil bendiciones y saludos que dios los bendiga y muchos ángeles para q los resguarden y también a los otros 3 austronatas que están en la base gracias SALUDOS.

  13. This happened at the perfect time, when humanity needed an “uplifting” experience with all the turmoil inflicted on the human race.
    Thank you for spectacular camera work and footage.

    Safe Journey !!!

  14. This was so awesome it has been difficult for me to understand why we didn’t have a space a program in the works to take the place of the space shuttle in 2011 this is a great feeling to be American and not have to rely on another countries to get us to the ISS but Thanks to Russia for having a strong reliable space program. But it sure feels good to have crewed rockets leaving from American soil congratulation SpaceX

  15. It was amazing to watch on CNN the docking of space craft at the International Space Station (ISS) and to watch live phone conversation between the austronauts and Sen. Ted Cruz. I am now confident that with scientific advancement one day human beings will colonize the Moon, Mars and other planets. It was extraordinary to witness the docking of astrsnouts at ISS. Stay safe in ISS and safe journey back to earth.

  16. This mission was like buying a new car that had never been on the market. New theories & technologies where things could go awry. Kudos to all who were involved in this project. God bless all of you & the brave men who were in the capsule. May they have a safe return trip

  17. Great undertaking by the Space X team. New technology where so many things could go wrong didn’t. Kudos to all involved & to the 2 brave astronauts who took the trip. May they return safely. God bless America.

  18. Progress for space travel is underway. Civilians will be able to go to space for tours on the space station and observe the Galaxy with the naked eye . Good Luck Astronauts

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