NASA TV is Live Now as Astronauts Prepare for Spacewalk

Spacewalkers Bob Behnken (far left) and Chris Cassidy (far right) are suited up ahead of their June 26 spacewalk.
Spacewalkers Bob Behnken (far left) and Chris Cassidy (far right) are suited up with assistance from Expedition 63 Flight Engineers (middle left) Doug Hurley and Ivan Vagner (middle right) ahead of their June 26 spacewalk.

NASA Television coverage of today’s spacewalk with NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Chris Cassidy is now underway and available on the agency’s website.

The crew members of Expedition 63 are preparing to venture outside the International Space Station for a spacewalk expected to begin at approximately 7:35 a.m. EDT and last as long as seven hours.

The crew is in the airlock and have donned their suits in preparation to exit the airlock and begin today’s activities working on one of two power channels on the far starboard truss (S6 Truss) of the station.

Mirroring the work they completed in the first spacewalk June 26 on the other power channel, the primary tasks for the crew are to remove five of six older nickel-hydrogen batteries for the truss’ power system and install three new lithium-ion batteries. The batteries store electricity for one pair of the station’s solar arrays. Behnken and Cassidy also will be installing two of three adapter plates to complete the circuit to the new batteries and relocating the nickel-hydrogen batteries for storage and for future disposal.

Leading the mission control team today is Flight Director Allison Bolinger with support from Sandy Moore as the lead spacewalk officer.

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