NASA Announces Crew Dragon Splashdown Date

NASA astronauts (from left) Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, are pictured inside the orbiting lab shortly after arriving aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft on May 31.
NASA astronauts (from left) Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, are pictured inside the orbiting lab shortly after arriving aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft on May 31.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine today announced August 2 as the target splashdown date for DM-2 crew members Behnken and Hurley, with additional details on the return of this historic mission to come.

31 thoughts on “NASA Announces Crew Dragon Splashdown Date”

  1. Behnken and Hurley,
    Thank you both for your service!
    Our family enjoy watching you from the day you lift off, docking at the space station, maintenance work on the ISS, to watching you fly over NY each night.
    Safe travels.

    1. doug and bob when you get home my group home is going to have a welcome home party in your honor i have been studying space for school online come home safe i’m a big fan of yours.

  2. I have been following your journey. You two are such down home good guys! You are in my prayers! My family will be watching. Safe journey home!

  3. Looking forward to seeing Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley
    return from their space mission 2nd August.
    Best wishes to both of them.
    United Kingdom

  4. August first is my birthday. I have been a follower of Space X. Crew Dragon and international Space Station since Bob and Doug left to go to the station. I am going to get a telescope for my birthday hopefully

  5. Thanks for letting me see NASA pix!!! Wonderful!!! New view by my brand new telephone system!

  6. Algún día quisiera tener la oportunidad de poder ver un lanzamiento en vivo de un cohete…!! Ojalá ese dia se de y gracias por compartir estás imágenes.!

  7. My Grandson has now experienced the excitement of space travel just as I did with the moon landings – safe landings. Magic.

  8. Safe journey home Doug & Bob.
    It’s been an incredible journey watching your arrival to the ISS and space walks etc.
    Thank you. Julie Crowley Surrey UK

  9. We wave to them at night when they are over our house in Baltimore. It’s been fun tracking them. Our family text each other as we all go out at each house as they get close. We will be watching when they come home.

  10. Brilliant watching you guys on the ISS, what a dream job, pure fun, and the best life. Love you all on the ISS. Take care. Would love that journey, dreams can come true,your living that dream. Your smile’s say it all.

  11. Congratulations. What a great team you conform. Thanks for letting me know what has happened at the ISS lately. Endevour, great photographs, trimmer. It almost look as fiction but true!
    Questions and answers have been useful and understanding. Hope you return as planned, so we all can give you a warm welcome back. You deserve it guys. My respects.

  12. What a great human triumph is the achievement of NASA-SPACE X collaboration to execute such a project that will help scienctific endover a cross the spectrum to flirish even faster with the easiness of transport and logistics to the international Space Station and beyond. Thanks Space X, thanks to NASA and to American Tax payers for making this dream of returing to sending astrounats to space from American Soil after 11 years of a hault to such a programe.

  13. Me too can’t wait to watch.. Kinda like the Apollo splashdowns.. i also watched the liftoff.. Safe travels back to earth..

  14. You two guys are like my super heroes hope you guys hang on tight and enjoy your ride back safe travels.

  15. safe flight home bob and doug loved watching the launch live from australia will be watching re entry splashdown enjoy your last days on the ISS Joel sydney australia god speed from Australia

  16. Our 12 year old daughter Sophia has been fascinated with your entire journey into space. She was particularly excited to learn about how you move through the ISS because she has Cerebral Palsy along with a rare genetic mutation and is unable to walk or sit unassisted.

    She shares updates about your “adventures” with all of her fans on Facebook through her Sophia news reports. She will be avidly following your return to Earth and would love the opportunity to interview you once you’ve settled in at home. She wishes you good luck on your return!

  17. I am blessed to have seen the launch live with my wife, grandson and granddaughter from 10 miles away. You are heroes and an inspiration these kids and all of us need today. God bless you and God bless America!

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