Physics, Biology Research Fill Station Schedule

NASA astronaut and Expedition 64 Flight Engineer Kate Rubins poses for a photograph with a variety of space research gear and science racks behind her.
NASA astronaut and Expedition 64 Flight Engineer Kate Rubins poses for a photograph with a variety of space research gear and science racks behind her.

Physics and biology research filled the majority of the science schedule aboard the International Space Station today. The Expedition 64 crew also put on their technician caps and worked hardware, including life support gear and air conditioning systems.

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins swapped out sample containers Tuesday morning on an experiment platform that can be placed outside Japan’s Kibo laboratory module. Scientists use experiments installed on the outside of the station to understand how space radiation and extreme temperatures affect a variety of materials. Results may improve the design of future spacecraft and the production of stronger, safer materials on Earth.

Rubins then spent the afternoon working on hardware maintenance servicing life support hardware and science gear. She first swapped batteries and chips inside ammonia measurement kits, then installed a pair of portable science freezers inside the Kibo and U.S. Destiny lab modules.

Immune system studies continued throughout Tuesday in the Russian segment of the orbiting lab. Cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov processed their own blood and saliva samples in the morning and evening to understand how spaceflight stresses the immunity of a crew member.

Ryzhikov, the station commander on his second space mission, also refilled freon bottles to maintain the orbiting lab’s air conditioning system. Kud-Sverchkov cleaned ventilation fans and filters before checking radiation readings and smoke detectors.

3 thoughts on “Physics, Biology Research Fill Station Schedule”

  1. Must be a wonderful experience to perform important work up there that ca contribute to our lives here on earth.

  2. Just watched (5.42am) the ISS for the first time as it sped across the dark very early morning skies of rural Nottinghamshire. Beautiful sight! And amazing to think of the three humans high above working hard to progress Science and human understanding- and working on enhancing our understanding of the immune system seems particularly current given the pandemic sweeping the globe below. Good luck. Great work! And Happy 20th anniversary ISS!

  3. Sounds experimental Science. A truly wonderful experience I imagine. Could life and career ever exceed the achievements of being a Astronaut onboard the ISS. I wonder? Fantastic. Every hour must be so enormous and overwhelming. I do not know how any person can consume such amazing wonder it must be looking down. This when I imagine each your endeavours out there blows my mind. I wish you all great happiness and joy. A fulfilment of living ones dream come true. I am in awe of each your brilliant minds.

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