Space Botany and Spacewalk Preps Wrap Up Work Week

Cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko is pictured in December of 2018 during a spacewalk to inspect a Soyuz crew ship.
Cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko is pictured in December of 2018 during a spacewalk to inspect a Soyuz crew ship.

Space botany and CubeSats were the dominant research theme Friday as the Expedition 64 crew looks ahead to its first spacewalk in November.

NASA and its international partners are exploring ways to sustain healthy crews on space missions farther away from Earth. Growing food on spacecraft and space habitats is critical if astronauts are going to successfully explore the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Flight Engineer Kate Rubins, who was also a scientist before being recruited as a NASA astronaut, put on her green thumb today and installed new components inside the Advanced Plant Habitat. The botany research gear resides in Europe’s Columbus laboratory module and allows scientists to observe how plants grow and thrive in microgravity.

Rubins also spent some time Friday reviewing an upcoming CubeSat deployment that will take place outside Japan’s Kibo laboratory module. She will be readying several tiny satellites that will provide insights into oceanography, weather, ship and aircraft tracking, as well as GPS and satellite communication technologies.

Two cosmonauts are getting ready for a spacewalk targeted for Nov. 18 on the outside of the International Space Station’s Russian segment. Commander Sergey Ryzhikov joined Flight Engineer Sergey Kud-Sverchkov on Friday and began setting up the Poisk module where they will stage their tools and suit up for the planned six-hour excursion. The duo will be primarily be servicing external station hardware and science experiments during their mission’s first spacewalk.

4 thoughts on “Space Botany and Spacewalk Preps Wrap Up Work Week”

  1. It’s really interesting to see how plants , flowers. salad and some small vegetables already were growing in the botany research gear in Europe’s Columbus laboratory module. Now looking forward to see the radish seed growing which was delivered recently with the Cygnus-14 cargo resupply spacecraft to the ISS.
    All the experiments the Astronauts and Cosmonauts have already been working with are very important and badly needed for the mankind now and for the future generations. Very important also for the upcoming Artemis mission and later on for Mars missions and beyond. I love it to read about what the Astronauts and Cosmonauts are doing in the Space Station on every day and looking forward to the next EVA walks which will do the two Russian Cosmonauts Sergei 1 and Sergei 2.
    For NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins good luck with the Cubesats to deploy from the Kibo laboratory module. Her smile makes my days.

  2. Well done and celebrations to the ISS( International Space Station) and NASA and all the other Space Agencies on 20 Years of Humans living and working on orbit or in Space!
    From Jessica Ebert and all of Australia!

  3. Hi Kate , am reading often on what you are doing up on the ISS. It’s looks cool, hope you are enjoying it???
    I used to read about Chris and Doug and Robert.
    It’s great to see what’s happening up there.
    I admire you very much
    Sue P

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