Update on Progress Resupply Spacecraft Deorbit

Following the undocking of the uncrewed Roscosmos Progress 82 cargo spacecraft from the International Space Station at 9:26 p.m. EST on Friday, Feb. 17, flight controllers at Mission Control in Moscow canceled the scheduled 11:02 p.m. deorbit burn, which would have set the vehicle on course to burn up over the Pacific Ocean.

Progress 82 currently is in a stable configuration and on a safe trajectory that keeps it well away from the International Space Station while teams on the ground discuss a forward plan.

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2 thoughts on “Update on Progress Resupply Spacecraft Deorbit”

  1. I just looked for a flyover this morning because I had a clear sky. So lucky to see these two vehicles at once! This is the second time I have seen an undocked service vehicle following. So cool!

  2. Hey! Gotta share this I’m so pumped! ISS just soared directly over our home… 7 minutes of visibility… longest ever… so clear this morning and because the flight was toward the east and the rising sun, I could actually see the cargo supply ship that just undocked last evening and is trailing the ISS in a controlled, stable path just behind it. Amazing!!!! Sounds like after four months docked, the supply ship has some mechanical issues and Mission Control is figuring out where to bring it down. That was so cool… standing on our front porch on a cold, crisp February morning observing one of mankind’s most collaborative and influential technological inventions during it’s almost 25 year mission. Thank You NASA and the multinational agencies involved… your work is truly inspiring!!

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