False Start

As you might know have seen from my twitter feed , after my colleague Matt Everingham (MattE from now on) had dropped me off at San Francisco International Airport, Emirate airlines informed me they had overbooked their flight and had given me a ‘choice’: Either I could give them my bags and hopefully wait around or a chance at a standby seat, or I could go home, relax, and fly Business Class on Sunday. Although I lose a day in country, the decision was a no brainer.

 Fortunately, MattE was on his way into the city, where he was going to take one of our Cellbot tank rovers for some demonstrations at the grand opening of the new Tech Shop in San Francisco. I gave MattE a quick call and he very generously turned around and picked me back up. We ended up staying the remainder of the day talking with various members of the public, demonstrating the movement and control of our Cellbot, inspiring a lot of interesting people to get into robotics on their own.