Spaceward Bound – Australia Bound

Spaceward Bound could be renamed JetLag bound!

Spaceward Bound Australia: San Francisco to Sydney was 15+ hours. Then 5 more hours from Sydney to Perth.
Spaceward Bound UAE: San Francisco to Dubai was 15+ directly over the North Pole. We saw the sunrise and sunset twice on that single flight! 
Spaceward Bound Namibia: San Francisco to New York was 5 hours, and New York to Johannesburg was 15+, then another 3 hours to Walvish Bay.

Just counting my Spaceward Bound miles in the air, we certainly have enough equal to several orbits around the earth..and that doesn’t even count DRIVING! All of the scientifically interesting sites are also very far away from humanity, and so we have to drive heavy duty vehicles to haul ourselves and equipment.

During Spaceward Bound Mojave we drive hundreds of miles across the Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley National Parks to show school teachers how NASA does field work on earth to study places like Mars and Titan. For UAE and Namibia, we drove thousands of miles across those deserts in search for specific planetary analog sites.

Spaceward Bound Australia will be no different. Click here to see our anticipated driving route, clocking in at 2200 miles on 5 vehicles!

More to come!