6 thoughts on “Continuing Dragon Coverage”

  1. Space is finally being commercialized. Free enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit will revolutionalize outer space !!! “We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet…”

  2. The Japanese resent story of the study of worms in space was interesting, it lead me to think about all life forms that continue grow thru out their lives for instance trees would space stop their growth. What about the claims in the ocean that stop to growing after a given size is reached producing a type of enzyme to do that. Would these claims change their size in space? What if we could understand these chemical queue’s, so we could continue to grow in space.

  3. On the landing the Falcon 9 at sea on the autonomous Sea Platform, when beginning any new technology, there will be accidents ! but PERSISTENCE will prevail.. I wish you SPACEX SUCCESS for all your endeavours… SPACEX is going places ! MARS maybe and beyond ???

  4. My comment really is about NASA’s goal of returning to the moon first and then on to Mars. This may sound facetious and insincere, but it’s not. How will NASA feel when Musk or Zubrin is standing on Mars, and NASA is still trying to get back to the very dead Moon?


    Dave Osten

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